Ashe Vega

Extremely intelligent yet psychotic young man with a sordid past and infernal heritage. Works for the Lucifuge.


Profession: Artist Conspiracy: Lucifuge

Attributes Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 2

Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 1

Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 1

Skills Academics (Literature, Philosophy) 4, Computer 1, Crafts (Drawing) 1, Investigation 2, Occult 3

Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Weaponry (Knives) 1

Expression (Writing, Story-telling) 3, Persuasion 1

Merits Encyclopedic Knowledge (4) Fast Reflexes (1) Status: Lucifuge (1) Castigation: Twilight Familiar, Infernal Visions (2) Professional Training (3)

Willpower: 3

Morality: 5 (10 xp spent on merits)

Virtue: Justice

Vice: Wrath

Health: 6

Size: 5

Speed: 10

Defense: 2

Initiative Mod: 6

Weapons: Hunting Knife, Throwing Knives


Not-So Brief Backstory:

 Ashe Vega had a good childhood. He was one of those kids who everyone expects to grow into another Mozart…he was talented, precocious and charming, the apple of his family's eye. That was before he started having blind rages and horrible dreams. His story became classic problem-child…school bullies, a belittling stepmother, and doctor after psychiatrist after psychologist trying and failing to help him. On his thirteenth birthday he was visited by a shady stranger who told him of his infernal heritage. After that, he blew up. His father, who'd had suspicions that Ashe was a literal devil-child, tried to kill Ashe twice and failed. Ashe ended up axe-murdering his stepfamily and was sentenced to life in prison. He escaped and came home, where he met a man who helped him get revenge on the people who'd done him wrong. This revenge plot backfired in time, and Ashe ended up in a coma with several more murders on his hands. After waking up, he was contacted by Lucifuge agents and given an offer he couldn't refuse: Work for them or go right back to jail again. He works for them now.

Explanation of Traits

Attributes Mental He's got lots of sheer brainpower and is able to grasp concepts far beyond most people's understanding, but he isn't the fastest thinker, often thinking of quips too late and slightly common sense-deficient, though not awfully so. He has average determination and average attention span. Physical He's skinny and small, not very muscular and quite frail, has a low pain tolerance, tires and gets sick easily. He is very agile and graceful to make up for it. Social His appearance is eccentric and noticeable to say the least, and he has a sense of what to say to get what he wants and to interest other people. He gets pissed off and/or panicky easily, though, and often loses his temper.

Skills Academics: he's astoundingly well-read and likes the subjects with specialties. His dad was a professor, and he grew up around universities. Computer: He knows his way around software and is quite internet literate. Crafts: He likes drawing and artistic things, being something of a creative polymath, though he's not very practiced. Investigation: Is surprisingly perceptive and notices things others don't. Is used to researching obscure subjects. Occult: What brainy rebellious teen would be without this skill? He's so well-versed through an interest in world myths and folktales, and LOTS of reading.

Athletics: He's energetic and likes to move around, though not a sports person he can hold his own. Brawl: Kung fu classes, bullies, fights with his family and a bad temper…yeah. Larceny: He knows how to palm things and get away with it, like candy (fifty cents? Unreasonable!) and pills he's sick of taking. Stealth: He did a lot of sneaking out. Weaponry: Likes knives, and knows the rudiments of combat use.

Expression: Creatively multitalented, has the most experience in the written word. Persuasion: Can come up with very intelligent well-reasoned arguments when he wants to, and present himself as an interesting person.

Merits Encyclopedic Knowledge: Is an insufferable braniac. Fast Reflexes: Haywire jumpy nerves means he acts darned quick. Status (Lucifuge): Just joined the previous season, has never been to Milan, gets email instructions and confers with a higher-ranking agent who poses as a group therapist. Castigation: Has a spectral tiger that does his bidding. Also has prophetic hallucinations. Professional Training: Is still a student, but is one danged fast learner. Virtue and Vice: Hates letting the ills of the world go unchecked. Stands up against corruption and speaks his mind. Also makes Tybalt look like a yoga instructor.

Ashe Vega

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